Related Questions

Can diet help lupus nephritis?

No specific diet. To my knowledge there is no specific diet recommended that can help the course of lupus nephritis. However, most people with kidney damage are placed on certain dietary restrictions such as salt, potassium and fluid intake. Much of this depends on the degree of kidney damage involved.

How can someone live with lupus nephritis?

Depends on grade. The severity of lupus nephritis can vary from something benign requiring no specific treatment and severe damage that can lead to kidney failure. Although blood tests can sometimes provide clues as to the severity of the disease, often times a kidney biopsy needs to be performed to better provide diagnosis and prognosis.
Varied presentations. Lupus nephritis can present in various ways- normal kidney function with protein/blood cells in urine to severe kidney failure. Early diagnosis and treatment can lead to complete recovery of kidney function. Even if diagnosed late, it can still be treated. Current treatment strategies have improved prognosis and mortality is low.

Will lupus nephritis always lead to hypertension?

Frequently. Not always but kidney disease very frequently lead to hypertention, just because kidney are important in regulation of blood pressure, the longer you have lupus nephritis the more likely you may have high blood pressure.

Does lupus nephritis always lead to hypertension hi bp?

Not necessarily. The more benign forms of lupus nephritis in which there is little damage done may have little clinical impact on the patient. Most patients with lupus develop hypertension only in the context of significant kidney damage.

What causes lupus nephritis in a 23 year old how is it cured and what is the treatment?

Autoantibodies. Lupus nephritis is produced when autoantibodies cause inflammation of the kidney glomeruli and tubules. It is one of the organs affected by lupus Often a biopsy needed to determine severity and prognosis-class I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, with six being the most severe. Treatment includes corticosteroid, azothioprin, cyclophosamide, mycophenelate mofetil, cyclosporin. Dialysis. Remission can occur.