What different types of counseling are available for my family for a kidney transplant?

Many Available. Each transplant center should have a specialized social worker or psychologist that works with transplant patients and families. You should first ask them who would be best to respond to family related questions or counseling needs. If for some reason there are no local support staff, you should contact an alternative transplant center.
Many are available. Support from your family, friends, and community are essential to the success of transplantation. Before transplant, stressors include waiting for a transplant, finding a potential living donor, and being on dialysis. After transplant, follow-up visits, change in lifestyle, medications, and other factors may cause anxiety. Visit http://www.Transplantliving.Org for support group information.

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How rare is antigen 69. My father, brother, and I have this and was found during tissue typing for my kidney transplant.?

Not common. If you mean hla a69; it is not too common, detected in <5% of the population in the us. More important is if you have a negative crossmatch with potential donors. This is done by incubating your serum with white blood cells-lymphocytes from potential donors. Read more...