15 weeks pregnant, no ob gyn visits, has hypertension and has been taking xanex, percocet, seroqel, ambein and suboxon the entire pregnancy. Outcomes?

Serious. These are potent and serious medications that can have adverse fetal effects...See an OB asap.
HIgh risk pregnancy. With these illnesses and medications, she has a high-risk pregnancy. She needs a good team to see her through: maternal-fetal medicine physician, psychiatrist, and therapist. She won't be able to withdraw from the opiates while pregnant, but will need a substance abuse program after delivery. Social services needs to be involved concerning parenting issues. Baby @ risk but could still be well.
Please see an OB. There's really not enough space here to explain all of your high risk factors in this pregnancy. See your OB asap to discuss the effects of your meds on the fetus, HTN effects on pregnancy, and available fetal testing while you still have time. Please see your doc and best of luck to you with this pregnancy. (ps - you can have a good outcome with proper care, don't delay).