How long does it take a female to pass a kidney stone?

Most in 2 days. The time to pass a stone is really the same for men and women. Most stones pass in the forst 48 hours. The chance of it passing after a week is around 50%.
Kidney stone. It would depend on the size. Same as male.

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How long should it take to pass a 6mm kidney stone once it feels like it's near my clitorous and tearing me? Is flomax (tamsulosin) okay for females?

Hopefully pass soon. However, 6mm stone is at the cusp for passing spontaneously. Might need some help from your urologist. Flomax (tamsulosin) is OK for females & well worth taking to try & dilate ureter to facilitate passage of kidney stones. Read more...
Varies. How long it takes to pass will vary. Most stones that are 6mm will eventually pass. If the pain is not well managed it can be removed endosopically(by working through a cystoscope). It is fine for a female to take flomax (tamsulosin) to help relax the ureter for the stone to pass. Best wishes. Read more...