Does a CT or ultrasound always show kidney stones?

No. Ct and ultrasound does not "always" show kidney stones. The resolution may not be sensitive enough to see very small stones less than 2 to 3 mm. Depending on the thickness of the images on the ct scan, a stone may be potentially missed between the images taken by the ct scanner. Ultrasound may also over-read or miss very small stones as well. Overall though, the detection rate is still very hi.
Yes. As limited by resolution. Meaning a stone of and eighth of an inch may be difficult to see especially on ultrasound.

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Blood in urine reoccuing UTI CT scan 3mm kidney stone bladder ultra sound scan shows bladder not emptying proper what could this be?

Cystitis. Gross hematuria probably as a result of cystitis caused by the bladder outlet narrowing or stenosis and not because of the kidney stone. By drinking more water like 8 cups a day you can pass the kidney stone. For the cystitis you need urine culture. Until the culture result comes back you can be put on an antibiotic such as cipro (ciprofloxacin) to stop the gross hematuria.

Hi dr! I want to ask. Is it possible that a kidney stones was seen in ultrasound but can't be seen in ct scan with contrast?

Yes, because. It had probably passed in the meantime. Small stones generally pass. Most important for you is to prevent recurrence of stones.

Could you tell if you had pkd or other kidney problems with a CT scan or ultrasound? Have had same kidney stone for years and I thought theycane out

Some (larger) kidney stones do not "come out" or are a part of the kidney's structure, CT or ULTRASOUND is/are good tests to disclose kidney STONES but are not generally sufficient to study kidney disease which requires blood/urine tests and sometimes renal BIOPSY! Hope this is helpfu Dr Z.

Due to kidney stones I have had 2 ultrasounds, 2 ct's and 1 MRI w/contrast in past year. If I had pancreatic cancer would one of these picked it up?

Whether the. CTs or MRI you had would be sensitive in detecting a small pancreatic cancer would depend on the technical parameters of the scans, so without additional information it is difficult to say. Large tumors would not be missed, small tumors might not be detectable if the scan was tailored for other purposes.

Urologist ordered CAT bc blood in urine and an earlier ultrasound that showed 4 kidney stones. What body parts will show up in the CAT scan?

Abdomen and pelvis. The CT scan ordered when a patient has blood in the urine is of the abdomen and pelvis. It will show the kidneys, ureters, bladder and will also incidentally show the liver, lower lobes of lungs and spleen. Normally contrast is given intravenously when checking on urinary bleeding. Best wishes.
CT. A CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis reveals some detail of all of the contents of the abdomen and pelvis. The reliability for detecting abnormalities varies from structure to structure.

Is a kidney ultra sound good for spotting kidney stones or just it be a CT scan?

Yes and no... Non-contrast ct is superior to ultrasound for kidney stones. Some stones will be visible on ultrasound, but the majority will not. Ultrasound will show if you have hydronephrosis (swelling or distension of the kidney collecting system for urine) which can suggest a blockage that may be due to a kidney stone. Hope this helps!
Ultrasound only fair. Ultrasound detected about a quarter of all stones seen on ct. Stones smaller than 4 mm were not well seen on ultrasound. Mean size of stones seen with ultrasound was about 7 mm. Main advantage of the ultrasound is the absence of radiation exposure. If you are of thin build, the ultrasound may be somewhat more sensitive.

Would it be weird if I passed up a CT scan and requested a sonogram instead to check for kidney stones?

Not necessarily. Kidney stones can be seen on ultrasound and plain xrays at times.
No. But having said that a ct scan is better than ultrasound for showing kidney stones and their complications.
No. But ct scan is more reliable than sonogram.
No. Ultrasound is a very good test for kidney stones provided they are able to get good images (and less radiation). Limitations of ultrasound would be obesity.
No. A kidney ultrasound will see kidney stones but will miss stones already in the kidney tube (ureter). There is also no radiation with ultrasound as compared to ct scans which are much better for detecting kidney stones but have a lot of radiation associated with the test.
Not necessarily... Ct is the most sensitive test to look for kidney stones. Very small stones or stones outside the kidney (i.e., in the ureters or pelvis) can be missed by ultrasound. If worried about radiation, there is a low dose protocol for ct that can be used to look for stones. The amount of radiation exposure for low dose ct is about the same as a plain x-ray. Ask the imaging center if they perform this.

Micro blood urine weeing about 4 times a night ultra sound CT culture fine 3mm kidney stone left kidney?

Kidney Stone. This may certainly produce blood in the urine. Blood in urine is due to stones, cancer, tuberculosis, bacterial infections or severe kidney damage until proven otherwise. See a knowledgeable physician.