Sir I am literally happy about hearing this answer from your side, pl accept my gratitude. Pl do also comment about hiatus hernia which I have been suffering from some time, I always feel something touching below left ribs some sort of softball. I have tak

Hiatal hernia. Large hiatal hernia can cause your symptoms, and can be dangerous if left untreated, although the overall risk is low. Diagnosis is usually made with a upper GI contrast study where you drink liquid barium and x-rays are taken. See your doctor to help order this and possibly other tests.
may not be h hernia. Hiatus hernia you can not touch is deep inside hiatus hernia symptoms are due to acid entering into esophagus, causing erosions, & ulceration s ( gerd ) what you felt could be epigastric hernia with fat ( omentum ) stuck inside it. See your doctor.