If I have esrd and have a lot of itching, what is that likely to be caused by?

Itching And Dialysis. Most propeller have itching whether they are on hemo or peritoneal dialysis. Cause are accumulation of phosphorous in the blood due to renal failure, allergies to some component of the dialysis process (plastic, cleansing agents, additives to the dialysis fluid, etc), or there is no known cause and it just comes and goes without ever having an answer.
PTH, Phos; Dry skin. If the PTH level or the phosphorus levels are high, this can cause severe itching. Also since patients on dialysis tend to be dehydrated, the skin can get dried out as well and cause itching. Lubrication can help with itching, but get lotions/creams that don't dry the skin out more or it will get worse. Your md might have some suggestions as well in regards to lotions or tablets to help with it.