What does a renal scan with lasik mean?

I'm not sure. Did you mean retinal scan? Or renal scan with Lasix (furosemide) (the water pill)? If this is about eye surgery, then it is possible that you were told to have your retina checked prior to having lasser vision correction. Otherwise, you may have been set up for evaluatio of your kidneys.
Assess obstruction. Usually renal scan `uses isotope either Tc99m DTPA or MAG3 injected intravenously which is extracted from blood stream by kidneys. Usually this part of study 30 minutes in duration. Second part of study involves injection of lasix, (furosemide) a diuretic, to check drainage of kidneys for possible obstruction.
Renal scan w/ lasix (furosemide) I assume you mean renal scan with lasix (furosemide). This is a type of nuclear medicine renal scan which uses a radiotracer to evaluate arterial flow to the kidneys as well as cortical concentration and excretion of tracer. Lasix (furosemide) is a medication administered during a renal scan usually to rule out urinary tract obstruction.
Customvue scan. I assume you mean retinal scan but what is actually done is to obtain a wavefront scan. The eye's wavefront is an analysis of all of the ways your particular eye bends light. It allows the laser to design a laser treatment specific to you.
Unsure. Renal refers to the kidneys, and lasik refers to an eye procedure. Check your terms and repost.