What could cause bubbles in urine?

Protein. Bubbles in the urine or "foamy" urine is always worrisome for the possibility of protein in the urine. If this occurs, the doctor can check a urinalysis for the presence of protein. If this is positive, further tests can be done to determine the amount of protein that is being leaked into the urine and what the cause of the protein in the urine is.
Protein in urine. Protein in the urine will be displayed as "foamy" urine. This is concerning and should be assessed by your doctor. Air in the urine or Pneumaturia, defined as the passage of “gas” in the urine, is the result of gas in the urinary tract and can be due to recent instrumentation, fistulae into the bladder or upper urinary tract from the bowel or vaginal canal.

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What could cause tiny (non-frothy) bubbles in urine which do not burst or disperse easily?

I have no idea. . Probably nothing abnormal. May be some pre-ejaculate remaining in the urethra. If concerned, talk to your doc. Read more...
Hard to saydepends,, Urine has small amounts of protein molecules, excess sodium, potassium, creatinine, and other things that may result in bubbles like this, but it's inconclusive as to what can cause these on a consistent basis. Things like bicarbonate/carbonate, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide may also do it, but it is rare if ever that these are noted in urine. If you have a health issue see your dr./urologist. Read more...