What is the average lifespan of baby born with trisomy 13, patau syndrome?

Days/weeks. Stillbirth (see picture) is very common. Of liveborns, 80% of affected infants die within the first month of life; only 5% survive the first six months. Severe intellectual disability, seizures, and failure to thrive are noticeable in survivors over 1 year of age. No interventions for fetal benefit are ethically justifiable during pregnancy (no cesarean section, no fetal monitoring indicated).

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What is the average lifespan of someone with trisomy 13, patau syndrome?

Lifespan. In my clinical experience of 31 years practicing neonatal medicine, i would have to answer your question with a vague response. This is because each affected child does not necessarily have the same degree of affliction. The literature on this tells us that 99.9% die before a year of age. I have not seen one survive longer than two months, and I have seen many. Read more...