Is it safe to treat toenail fungus while pregnant?

No. Over the counter topic medications are safe to use. Prescription oral medication like Griseofulvin are not recommended during pregnancy.
Laser or wait. Oral medications such as terbinafine (lamisil) are very effective, but are not to be used in pregnancy due to risk of birth defects. Laser treatment is safe, effective but usually not covered by insurance. Topical treatment is generally safe, but not very effective. You can always wait to take oral medication as nail fungus is mostly unsightly, and rarely harmful.
Probably. I would only use a topical. Make sure you look at the label for any warnings about use during pregnancy.
Depends... There are safe ways to treat fungal nails while pregnant, just not with oral antifungals. See a podiatrist for details.
Treatments. Such as oral medication should not be given. Laser treatment should be fine but always check with obgyn.
I would not. And I don't in my practice.