Is there a way for people with high blood pressure to help themselves?

Many ways to help. Individuals with high blood pressure can help control it by avoiding salt (as already mentioned by my colleague), but can also find benefit through cardiovascular exercise for 30 min/day, stress reduction or relaxation techniques and meditation (see my health guide on "meditation made easy.") most importantly, confirm your success by having your blood pressure checked by your doctor regularly.
No salt. Quit salt intake. No cured meat ( sausage, bologne, salami, pastrami, corned beef, franks, hot dogs, bacon, ham, etc) quit any salted food: pickles, chips n dips, salad dressing, salted nuts. Notice all these foods are okay if not salted, add fuits and vegetables. Watch for any cooked food outside include cooked veg cans(replace its water with fresh one) limit is 2000 mg sodium/24hours only.