Is eating a high protein diet bad for your kidney health?

It can be. A high protein diet can affect kidney health. This occurs because diets rich in protein can damage the glomerular membrane (a "filter" in the kidneys) and lead to kidney disease.
No. No provided that the kidney function is normal. Patients with kidney failure need to restrict their protein intake to certain amount.

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How bad is a high protein diet for your kidneys. I am taking 2 grams per lb of body weight and doing heavy lifting.?

Can cause problems. Megadoses of protein can be harmful to the kidney, and in extreme cases can lead to renal failure. It's important to note that this occurs because all that extra protein is unnecessary and is excreted, in stool but also in urine as Amino Acids (or whole proteins if kidney is damaged). Huge amounts of protein don't build more muscle- diet rich in veggies and lean protein is just as good or better.
OK if kidneys are OK. Normal kidneys should be able to handle without major problems. Need to rule out any underlying CKD or proteinuria. Also important to exclude liver disease and with any underlying metabolic diseases.

Kidney problems from high protein diet?

Yes. High protein diet in a healthy person sould not matter much, although I still would not recommend it. In people with kidney problems, meat intake should be limited to 0.8 g per kg body weight per day. Overall, a well balanced diet with emphasis on plant-based foods is much healthier than high meat intake. Eat water-filled foods, not fat-filled foods!
Hyperfiltration. High protein diets do not seem to cause kidney problems for people with normal kidneys & normal kidney function. People with damaged kidneys or reduced renal function are at risk for additional kidney damage from high protein diet due to hyperfiltration. Simply stated, the kidneys are overworked because they have to filter out waste products from protein metabolism. Low protein diet protects kidneys.

My createnine was 0.44 and egfr 177 in march and did a high protein diet for 3 months will this effect my kidneys function?

No. The whole business of estimating GFR's from the insufficient information provided by blood work is unscientific. Don't worry about it if your serum creatinine remains normal / low and your urinalysis is normal.

I hear from doctors, contrary things about high protein diet affecting kidneys. What is the truth? Is it harmful or not and when / who?

Depends on health of. It is dependent on the health of your kidneys. If your kidneys are normal, then high protein dies has no effect on them. But if you have impaired kidney function (with a high serum creatinine level (>2mg), then proteins are potentially harmful and low protein diet is useful and proven helpful. So high protiens are toxic to damaged kidneys.