Is it safe to take medications for migraine during pregnancy?

Yes. Some yes, some no. Tylenol, (acetaminophen) and (until 34 weeks) Ibuprofen are safe in pregnancy. Some doctors believe a small amount of Aspirin is safe in pregnancy, so Excedrin migraine can be very effective as well as tolerated in pregnancy. A big no goes to the tryptans -- imitrex, relpax, zomig, etc. As magical as they are for migraines, they are not safe in pregnancy.
Be careful. Many are safe but some are absolutely not to be used (such as the triptans). Talk to your ob.
When necessary. Appropriate treatment of severe migraine pain is often necessary and appropriate even during pregnancy. Try to avoid excessive use of medication. Daily medications should be avoided. Discuss with your primary doctor the safest pain medications to use. Occasional exposure of the baby to appropriate pain medication should cause no ill effects.

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Is there any migraine medication thats safe during early pregnancy? I have had migraines for 14-15 yrs now. Its a bit frequent these days.

See a neurologist. There are over the counter and prescription medications that you can take daily for migraine headache prophylaxis. Keep a log of your headaches (timing, frequency, duration, severity, location, associated symptoms) and take it to a neurologist for further evaluation. Read more...