How good is coconut milk for you?

Pros & cons. It works to moisten hair & skin & has an antimicrobial effect. After drinking coconut oil some people feel full & hunger is suppressed. But people who ingest a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil per day have a high incidence of nausea & vomiting. Coconut oil has the highest saturated fat content of all oils with more than 13 grams of fat per tbs.

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Is coconut milk good for you or not? It seems to be popular.

It's popular now. Coconut milk (unless fat free) is high in saturated fats, which are not good for you. Coconut if very popular right now, but it will pass, like all other fads. Saturated fats increase bad cholesterol and decrease good cholesterol, along with many other possible concerns. Read more...

Is coconut milk good for a pre diabetic.

Not necessarily. Management of prediabetes & prevention of progression is be judicious about carb intake. Consider seeing dietician & learn how to read food label accurately to help you. Lose weight, stay active, & control other factors such as cholesterol & blood pressure. If the coconut milk has low carb content, it can be part of your diet. Try to check your sugar 2 hr after drinking to see its effect on you. Read more...