How common do interstitial cystitis and endometriosis occur together?

Very Common. They commonly co-exist. In addition, sometimes one is confused for another and so diagnostic procedures (cystocopy or laparoscopy) are very important to distinguish between the 2 conditions.
60-70% It is very common, so common that the bladder should be evaluated at the time of laparoscopy for endometriosis.

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Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has had endometriosis but got misdiagnosed as having interstitial cystitis?

Both arguable.? Re: confusion surrounding Endometriosis, EM, & Interstitial Cystitis, IC. In truth, both of these disorders are mysteries as to etiology & are absent pathological confirmations. Doctors provide diagnostic labels based on supposedly unique symptom profiles. One need only review the ineffective therapies associated with both these so-called "diagnoses" to gain evidence of these confusions.

Lower left abdomen/back pain, I have interstitial cystitis, endometriosis, ibs, and pfd. The pain is unbearable, can any of these be the cause? Help: (

Any Could be. All of them can cause symptoms. It is sometimes difficult to figure out which is causing symptoms at any given time. A pelvic ultrasound is the place to start since certain problems can actually be visualized. Then deciphering some of the specific other symptoms or lack of symptoms can help figure out what is happening.
Back Pain. Could be unrelated. As with most pain conditions, there can be a variety of potential problems that can cause the pain that you are describing. It is difficult to diagnose with the short description given and without a proper physical examination. Pain is often a sign of inflammation. A qualified pain specialist should be able to help.

I was wondering is fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis and acid reflux considered autoimmune disease?

No, no, no, and no. Autoimmune diseases are diseases in which the immune system attacks the body itself causing inflammatory pain. Functional pain such as fibromyalgia is the perception of pain in normal structures (muscles, ligaments, tendons). Other causes of pain are abnormal tissue (endometriosis) or direct effect of acid (reflux) burning sensitive tissue. Interstitial cystitis is inflammation (not autoimmune).

What is a common misdiagnosis for interstitial cystitis?

Depends. Interstitial cystitis is usually diagnosed by looking directly inside the bladder. If the diagnosis is done by history and physical exam, it could be confused with a urinary tradct infection, endometriosis orpelvic inflamatory disease.

Am 39 yrs old, female, never had kids. Would a hysterectomy help with pain from endometriosis and interstitial cystitis?

Pelvic pain can. Be difficult to diagnose and treat. Hysterectomy might or might not help. Get an opinion from both gyn and urologist, preferably at a medical center.

How to be diagnosed with interstitial cystitis?

See a urologist. You may need to get in to see a urologist for an exam and a test called cystoscopy to look in the bladder to see if you may have this condition.

Can I still work if I have interstitial cystitis?

Yes. Depending on how symptomatic you are you can go to work. Talk to your urologist about local anesthetic that can be injected into the bladder to relieve discomfort and pain.
Yes. Provided symptoms are not so severe that you either can not concentrate or are physically unable to work. Work can often be a distraction.