Can you eat macroons (coconut and egg white) and persimons if you easily get interstitial cystitis?

Maybe. Diet and ic does not have a simple answer. A starting list of foods to avoid include alcohol, artificial sweeteners, coffee, citrus juices, cranberry juice, hot peppers, side and spicy foods. However the best way to find out what foods trigger you is to do an elimination diet. If you want to try a food you are not sure about try taking "prelief" prior to consuming the item.
Probably no. This is a new look at an old idea. Janet g. Travell, md a pain pioneer concluded that chronic tissue pain was caused by numerous trigger points in muscle fibers causing the muscles to contract compressing nerves, vessels and alter the flow of lymphatics. The pyramidalis and pelvic floor muscles are the cause. So this is a mechanical cause and requires a manual treatment. Acupuncture! see files.
Probably yes. See no reason why you can't. However proof is to try it. Also check www.Interstitialcystitisassociation.Com website.

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