Anyone done a carotid arteriogram and stenting after carotid artery surgery?

Yes. Usually for re-stenosis most surgeon will perform stenting if indicated instead of redo surgery although no true benefit of stenting over surgery in these cases. In acute sitting , yes stenting is being done to repair a post carotid surgery flap or dissection.
Common. Early after surgery, if there i recollapse of vessel, stents can open vessel. If surgery was performed long ago, and stenosis returns, stents can open vessel again. See radiologyinfo.Org for carotid stents.
Yes. It can be done in the right situation. Your physician can help you asses your options.
Good indication. Carotid stent placement is a good indication for someone who has already underwent a carotid endarterectomy.
Yes. Doing stenting after carotid surgery is relatively common. It is done do avoid the relative increased consequences of reoperative surgery such as cranial nerve injury and stroke as compared to primary operative surgery.
Yes. Is routinely done if there is a question of recurrent narrowing of artery or anatomical issue.