Pain in my buttocks, back of my thigh, back of knee, calf to foot?

Symptoms. You are describing may be do to low back, sciatica, or a disc compressing a nerve. You need to be evaluated by your dr.
Sounds like sciatica. Or some other nerve impingement. See physician.

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Sciatica? Pain in my left buttock, runs down leg, back of knee and into calf. No needles and pins. Burning sensation on side foot & under rib on left.

Probably. Although there are other potential causes, your symptoms are classic for "sciatica" which refers to symptoms that run down the leg from an irritation of a nerve in the back. Don't hesitate to be seen for it as there are many good treatment options. Read more...

Pain in calfs with severe Right knee pain that travels through the whole leg and to the buttocks and severe pain in feet when walking?

Sounds Sciatic. Radiating pain up and down the legs sounds like a nerve issue. The sciatic nerve and its branches would be the likely culprit. The important question is what's causing the irritation? It could be a space occupying lesion, bakers cyst, related to increased facial compartment pressures or an issue with the nerve itself. It definitely deserves a thorough evaluation. Dr.R. Read more...