If I have interstitial cystitis can I drink orange juice or other juices?

Possibly. Some people seem to be sensitive to foods that they eat or drink and others don't seem to be affected at all by what they drink. Try it and pay attention to your body. If you feel the same that day and the next, then it probably doesn't matter what you eat or drink. If you have more frequency or pain, then it might be something you need to avoid.
Not OJ, Pear juice OK. Most juices cause bladder pain and bladder irritability. Pear juice seems to the best. Coconut water may also be ok. Oj is a definite no!
You could. You have to try and see if your ic symptoms are aggravated by drinking each individual juice. Some people can and some others can't due to individual hypersensitivity.

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Can someone with interstitial cystitis go on a colon cleanse/drink acai berry?

Not going to help. Someone is trying to take advantage of you! "colon cleanse" is a non-medical scam. And, yes, I've heard those crazy ads about "buildup" in the colon too - utter nonsense! Acai is another scam. See a competent urologist or urogynecologist and realize that no matter what you do ic systems will tend to improve and worse over time on their own.
Advise against. Colon cleanse/drinks will do nothing for your ic and quite possibly will aggravate it or cause a flare up for 2 reasons. 1)acai berry contains sustances that can directly irritate lining of the bladder. 2) mechanics of a colon cleanse induce strong colon contractions which could cause bladder pain.

I have recently been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and I was wondering what the typical diet plan is for food and things to drink and snack on?

IC. You should avoid Vitamin C, caffeine, acidic foods such as fruits and juices, alcohol, food high in potassium (bananas and yams however have been shown to be bladder soothing), chocolate and other histamine containing foods such as red wine, artificial sweeteners especially those with aspartame, vitamin B6. You should see a dietician for a list of foods you can eat.
Cystitis diet. Eliminate bladder irritants -- caffeine, carbonated sodas, citrus, chocolate, pickled foods, alcohol, spices, tomatoes, and artificial sweeteners. Empty bladder by the clock. Frequently. Do not smoke. Avoid secondary smoke. Wear looser clothing. Reduce emotional stress. Exercise. Stretch abd and waist and groin. Acupuncture may help. Avoid uti. Drink 3 liter/d. Incline diet to alkaline.

Why does my skin breakout if I drink orange juice?

Sugar. Could be coincidence or elevated blood sugar. Check your A1c level. Remember, acne is an infection and bacteria love to be fed. Sugar is a favorite of theirs. Could also be that your elevated sugar makes you produce more skin oil, a component of acne.
Acne and Diet. Researchers say foods that spike blood sugar can also increase hormones. The hormones can stimulate oil production, which in turn, can trigger acne. If I drink orange or grapefruit juice, I also develop acne.

Why should I drink orange juice if I haven't felt the baby move?

Sugar content. Drinking a cold or sweet drink can sometimes help perk up a sleeping baby. If you haven't felt your baby move for a few hours a light meal or juice can help. If you still aren't feeling your baby move, you should call your doctor to have the baby's heartbeat monitored.
Haven't heard that o. There's nothing to suggest you should drink orange juice -- your baby won't know either way.

Should I drink orange juice in a soft cardiac diet?

Oranje juice. Have always felt that oj is wasted calories. It is not harmful to your heart and is a good source of pottasium.

I have panic attack. Can I drink orange juice and chocolate.

Panic Attack. You can drink orange juice but the acidity may make you feel more anxious and chocolate can be consumed in reasonable quantities but you should seek help to understand what is causing your panic as there are ways to help you with high anxiety that are very effective. I suggest you read my post on anxiety here at healthtap.
Likely, yes you can. There is an article by a woman who did discover that her anxiety attacks were linked to an illness and her sugar addiction. For her, orange juice, like chocolate, brought on attacks. If you have that problem too - try a trial of sugar abstinence and see. Otherwise, find a psychotherapist w/ experience in panic/anxiety issues. Good luck!
Yes u can. Do slow deep breathing, say positive things to yourself, live each day, simplify, prioritize, stay active and exercise, do yoga and meditation, watch a funny show on you tube and movies, seek medical help from a psychiatrist and seek peace and find strength from the almighty power above! Check out the helpful tips below. Http://www. Ehow. Com/way_5171998_tips-reducing-anxiety. Html.
Panic. Panic aside, u can consume those elements, but please do talk to your therapist/doctor about your attacks.

I drink orange juice everyday and I drank it tonight and broke out in hives... can it be the orange juice?

Probably not. Hives are very common. OJ allergy is very rare so look for other possible causes like new meds, high risk foods like nuts and sea foods, recent respiratory infection. Many time hives come and go for no apparent reason.