Is there anything that can protect the catheter site during peritoneal dialysis?

Yes. Keep it covered and without tension on the exit site, and use a antibacterial cream recommended by your nephrologist.Contact your nurse if you notice any redness or discharge.
Sterile dressing. Sterile covering can keep it clean, and paying close attention. If you dialyze while you sleep, make sure there is adequate slack. After several weeks, the cuff(s) on the catheter should be in-grown and quote secure.

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Do I need to be very careful in catheter care during peritoneal dialysis?

Definitely. Infection tracking to the inside of the abdomen is not only very painful but will limit the life of the procedure. A resistant infection could lead to removing the tube and just using hemodialysis procedure instead. Read more...
Catheter Care. Oh, absolutely! the plastic catheter goes into your abdomen and any break in sterile routine, that people are taught when they start peritoneal dialysis (pd), will lead to infection. The worst result of infection is that you will get incredibly sick or your peritoneum will be so damaged the pd is no longer effective. Please be careful and do what you are taught to the letter. Read more...