How long will it take for tinea barbae to go away while using fluconazole and clotrimazole cream?

Varies. Tinea barbae is a term used for a superficial infection of skin involving the bearded area. These fungus species are referred to as dermatophytes, as they live of the dead skin cells called keratinocytes. Different antifungal treatments may be used, as those mentioned above. Appropriate followup by the prescribing physician of your response to the treatment will ensure the optimal treatment length.

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Can you cure a rash on your chest that clotrimazole cream and diflucan (fluconazole) have reapeatedly failed to cure?

Sure. If the anti-yeast and anti-fungal treatments (clotrimazole and diflucan) are not effective, then it is not likely to be fungal/yeast related. Many things can cause a rash on the chest that are treated differently. See your doctor or a dermatologist. Read more...

Can I drink beer while using clotrimazole cream for tinea barbe?

How much beer? Alcohol is not the friend of someone who is trying to combat any kind of infection. If you are talking about one or two beers once or twice a week, it should not make a difference. Safe drinking limits in men are no more than 2 drinks/day, 14 per week and never more than 4 on one occasion. If you stick well below that, there should be no problems. There are no drug interactions that i know of. Read more...