In peritoneal dialysis, what is the color the returned dialysate (cleansing solution) should be?

Light amber. The PD fluid is normally clear and very light yellow (like a very diluted urine!). The most important thing is it should be clear (as opposed to turbid) . The best test of clarity of fluid is to place a piece of newspaper under the bag, you should be able to read it through, if not, it's called turbid and highly suspicious for infection!
Peritoneal Dialysis. It really should be clear. If it is any other color, then the fluid needs to be reported to the personnel at the dialysis center so they can have it examined and your doctor notified of the change.
Yellow. The dialysate fluid should be a mild to moderate yellow color. It sometimes can be a very pale yellow and almost clear. If it is dark colored or becomes reddish you would need to alert your doctor or nurse. You should be able to read a newspaper through italso. If not, that can be an early sign of infection (cloudy fluid).