I want to have a baby but am on dialysis, is it still possible?

Ask the Specialists. The demands of pregnancy on the body are many and only your nephrologist & a perinatologist could give you options based on your health issues. Your marginal kidney status may not tolerate pregnancy, risking your life & that of the baby. Ask your team if it is an option.This is a great ? For you to ask & one your team should answer. The better informed you are the better choices you can make.
It is possible. The odds are against you at age 40 and being on dialysis, but not impossible. You should notify your nephrologist and your dialysis center that you plan to try to get pregnant. At our center we convert pregnant patients to 3x a week nocturnal with a short saturday session, or 3-3.5hours 6 days a week. Pregnancy and dialysis is difficult but not impossible. Talk to you team. Good luck.