What exactly will dialysis do?

Clean blood. Dialysis removes waste products from the blood and extra fluids to replace the function of the kidneys and prolong life. Without it death is usually eminent in a few months more or less. The quality of life on dialysis is less than that with functioning kidneys due to substantial fatigue and other medical problems and medications.
Dialysis Effects. The process removes water and toxins from your body. It can also be used to add things back to your body such a calcium. This link may be helpful to give you more information: http://www.Medicalnewstoday.Com/articles/152902.Php.
Kidneys underperform. The kidneys do several tasks. Dialysis is necessary when one or more of the following occur, that can't be remedied or palliated with medications: 1. Insufficient clearance of daily toxins in food and metabolic waste 2. Insufficient clearance of excess water 3. Dangerous electrolyte imbalance, including hyperkalemia and acidosis.