What are some things peritoneal dialysis patients should know about traveling?

It can be done! Patients on either hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis can travel the world with advance planning. You will need to work with your home dialysis center to travel with enough supplies or be able to get them at your destination. You will want to be current with your vaccinations and have a plan in case you become ill while traveling. Make sure you plan for possible delays while traveling.
Plan ahead. You will need to bring a lot of your supplies with you while you travel. This can be quite heavy and bulky, especially the peritoneal dialysis fluid bags. If you use a cycler at night, you may want to bring that with you. Otherwise you will have to do manual exchanges approximately 5 times a day. And always, you will have to undergo your treatments in a clean environment under sterile technique.
Travel with PD. Be sure to communicate with your nurse team to make arrangements. You must have a PD facility that is aware of you at your destination. Papers must be faxed. If you are traveling on airlines, have a permit for your PD machine. PD supplies are shipped by your supplier, such as Baxter or Fresenius. Be prepared. Take some manual bags with you in case you are delayed. Have a note from your doctor.