Related Questions

What exactly is peritoneal dialysis catheter manipulation?

Repositioning. Usually using an endoscopic surgery. Usually done due to malfunction of the peritoneal tube i.e. Not draining fluid well. Change of position makes for a better chance for the catheter to work better.
PD Catheters. This is a procedure that is used to get a malfunctioning catheter to work again. There are many different ways this is done - putting a wire down the catheter or putting other devices down the catheter. Ask you doctor for a more thorough explanation.
Catheter move. Peritoneal dialysis catheter manipulation refers to a procedure done by an experienced surgeon or an experienced interventional radiologist who will adjust the internal position within your abdomen of the internal aspect of the PD catheter. The catheter is not removed and replaced. Rather the inner tube only is moved within the abdomen to allow better flows of the dialysis fluid.

When can I expect my peritoneal dialysis catheter be removed?

When infection occur. Peritoneal catheter can serve for long years unless a resistant infection develops or open abdominal surgery is needed.
Removing PD Catheter. When you no longer need. You no longer need it because your renal function has improved, you are being changed to hemodialysis, or you are getting staged to get a kidney transplant.

I have an av fistula in the antecubital space of my arm and a peritoneal dialysis catheter, is there a safe way to play paintball?

Would avoid. High impact paintball may cause damage ask your surgeon what they think.
Paintball and access. I would consider wearing an arm and elbow pad on your upper arm and elbow that is placed in the direction to cover the fistula. As for the pd catheter -- I would either tape the catheter to your abdomen or wear some sort of girdle that secures the catheter firmly against you and doesn't leave it free to move.
Play with PD. Yes. Wear protective clothing on abdomen and on arm. If the av fistula is less than 10 weeks old, though, then wait til it matures more fully. You do not want it to clot. Be sure to secure the PD catheter with tape according to your RN instructions;