What foods should someone eat to put on 20 pounds if they have type 2 diabetes and kidney failure?

Healthy balanced. For someone who has uncontrolled diabetes and kidney failure, gaining weight should not be a priority since it may even worsen diabetes if it is particularly type 2. Protein loss becomes a problem with diabetic renal failure as well as problems with blood pressure. You may want to see a certified nutrionist to get better dietary guidance.
Fat. Most folks w/ diabetes would love to have that problem with wanting to gain weight. Of course with your conditions you should not overeat carbs or proteins, and really should eat a balanced ada diet. But......If you see a real need to do this eat foods high in fat. Twice the calories of carbs and proteins and will not be potential problems for your diabetes or kidney disease. How is your LDL?

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I am female, 71, with type 2 diabetes, stage 4 kidney failure and obstructive sleep apnea. What would the prognosis of aortic valve replacement?

Reasonable. What condition of aortic valve do you have? If you have severe symptomatic aortic stenosis, aortic valve replacement is the only solution. Most people would have some comorbidities, so your other medical conditions are not a contraindication for surgery. If the risk of surgery is deemed probihitiveby the surgeon, there is a new procedure called 'tavr' which may be beneficial.
Depends! . It depends on the cardiac function and the indication for replacement. Your comprbidities definitely put at higher risk and the risk depends on how severe they are. It is a major surgery but with the use of experienced staff, most people do well.
Depends. Depends on many factors. Get expert opinions from your cardiologist and cardiac surgeon.