Are kidney failure and diabetes inheritable?

Genetics. Both are. Certain forms of kidney disease have characteristic forms of passing from one generation to the next. If you have a 1st degree relative who has diabetes, your risk goes up quite high.
Not necessarily. Kidney failure may run in families but may not depending on the kind. Also, diabetes type 2 runs in families but some members get spared. Type 1 is much less inheritable however. The process of inheritance in diabetes is not completely understood and cannot be predicted with precision.

Related Questions

How do I care for a wife with diabetes and chronic kidney failure?

BS, BP, ACEi. Management of chronic diabetic renal disease requires blood sugar control, BP control, preferably with an ace inhibitor or an arb. Usually diuretics will be needed. In addition dialysis education and preparation with an eye towards choosing and preparing for a dialysis modality (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis) are important. Consider seeing a nephrologist for more focused advice.

What kind of food can I make for my friend who has diabetes and kidney failure?

Hard to tell, The stages of kidney disease are i, ii, iii, iv, and v. Failure is a vague word if he is on dialysis is different than if he is not. Diet recommendation will vary according to stage of disease.
See my diet sheet. Http://www. Schwartzdiabetesdoc. Com/newsletters/_3_diet_sheet. Doc basically avoid simple sugars and patient will know if they have other restrictions- high potassium foods, high protein foods.

What are some good foods for someone undergoing kidney failure and with diabetes?

Control diabetes. First diabetes diet is very important. Then low salt to control BP and potential swelling. If kidney failure is not mild then animal protein and dairy product restriction is important. After dialysis starts then can push animal protein for better nutrition but not before dialysis. In other words, restriction is the main recommendation, no good food to recommend but good dietary regimen/restriction.
Avoid sweets. And reduce protein intake see nutritionist in order to 'do it right' and be able to comply.

Can diabetes cause renal failure and what are the symptoms of kidney failure?

Definitely. Diabetes is the number cause of renal fialure by far. So controlling your diabetes would mean avoiding renal failure. Individuals with chronic renal failure tend to have no generalized symptoms. However as the renal failure progresses, a person can feel sluggish, fatigue, nause, vomiting and lose of appetite.

What are the symptoms and how to prevent getting kidney failure if I have diabetes?

Protein, sugar, bp. Symptoms- you may not have any symptoms in early kidney disease- get your urine checked for protein, as this is the earliest sign of kidney disease. Late stages of kidney disease- some of the common symptoms are swelling of the feet, shortness of breath, fatigue, poor appetite. This list is not complete. Prevention- control diabetes, check for high bp, check with your doctor before starting any med.

How can I prevent kidney failure if I have diabetes?

Close monitoring. Your doctor should monitor your kidney function. It can be done with a blood test called serum creatinine level (normally it is.

Can you tell me how diabetes mellitus could cause kidney failure?

Process. It progressively worsens the kidneys. Starts out by ruining different filters, first more urine, then start peeing proteins called albumins. This stage is called 'microalbuminuria'. As diabetic nephropathy progresses, increasing numbers of glomeruli are destroyed. All this happens throughout the years.