What could you do to prevent a kidney failure for a diabetic?

Diabetes checked. Keep your diabetes well checked and maintain hemoglobin A1c level close to 6.0. Dcct(diabetic control and complication trial), a large multicenter collaborative study proved that good diabetic control prevented the development of renal failure or slowed down the progression of already developed diabetic nephropathy.
Control risk factors. You need to control your risk factors. Keep your A1c (average 2-3 months blood sugars) to < 7%, keep your blood pressure (very important) and cholesterol under control, maintain a healthy weight, and exercise at least 30 min 5 days/week. Please see your doctor regularly.

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What are the symptoms and how to prevent getting kidney failure if I have diabetes?

Protein, sugar, bp. Symptoms- you may not have any symptoms in early kidney disease- get your urine checked for protein, as this is the earliest sign of kidney disease. Late stages of kidney disease- some of the common symptoms are swelling of the feet, shortness of breath, fatigue, poor appetite.This list is not complete.Prevention- control diabetes, check for high bp, check with your doctor before starting any med. Read more...