At what point would a diabetic have kidney failure?

IF POORLY MANAGED. Most diabetics are caught on early with kidney problems due to microvascular complications and if managed well, can prevent or delay further deterioration of renal function. But poorly controlled diabetes and hypertension and host of other factors including renotoxic drugs can accelerate onto renal failure.
Not always. Not all diabetics develop kidney failure. But diabetes can cause gradual loss of kidney function which is measured by a term called gfr. Normal GFR is more than 90.If your GFR is less than 10 you need dialysis or transplant.The earlist sign tat diabetes has begun to affect the kidney is "leakage" of small amount of albumin/protein in the urine caleed micro albuminuria.

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Which point would a diabetic have kidney failure?

Diabetes and kidney. There are 6 stages of chronic kidney disease. Stage 6 is when patients need to start hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis to stay alive. Diabetics usually need to start dialysis when there glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is between 10-15 ml/min. Non-diabetics can usually wait until their GFR is 10 ml/min. Have the person you are talking about see a nephrologist for a more precise answer. Read more...