Why are kidney recipients at a higher risk for diabetes, cancer and bone disease?

Immunosuppression. I am not a kidney transplant specialist, but i still think i can answer. Patients that receive an organ transplant usually need ongoing immunosuppression to prevent rejection. That can include a variety of drugs including steroids. Diabetes, bone loss - steroid induced cancer - immunosuppression drugs.
Cancer. Anti rejection meds lower immune system and increase chance for cancer.

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Why is it that kidney recipients at higher risk for diabetes, cancer and bone disease?

Medications. After a renal transplant, an individual must take immunosuppressive therapy as well as steroids. Unfortunately, these medications can increase a person risk for diabetes, cancer and bone disease. Read more...
Immunocompromised. Generally, patients who get kidney transplants are in an immunocompromised state and as such, can be at risk for developing other illnesses, including the ones you have mentioned. Read more...