If I have diabetes, why do my sugars go so low early in the morning?

What is low? What would you define as low? For example, if your morning reading is 80, and you feel great, than thats fine. If it's 80 and you feel clammy and terrible, then perhaps it is too low. A lot of times, it has to do with the dosing of medications you take the day or night before. Check your finger sticks regularly, have your doctor analyze them in reference to the meds you are on. Good luck!
Depends in medicines. If you take your diabetes medicines at night without a snack your blood sugar could drop during the overnight fast.
Depends upon meds. This depends upon medications that you are taking. If your sugars are below 80 in the mornings then you need to see your doctor for medication adjustment. Fasting sugars should be 80-120 in a well controlled diabetic.