How is chronic renal failure managed well in diabetics?

See below. In any kidney disease it is important to control blood presssure .If uncontrolled it will lead to more rapid loss of function no matter what the underlying cause.Use of certain medications like ace inhibitors are preferentially used, ask your doctor. Blood sugar , cholesterol control and exercise all help.
Diabetes Mgmt. In short, managing all the co-existing problems - high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, potential obesity, anemia, high blood phosphorous, low blood calcium, etc. To manage it well takes a whole team. Please go and read this for much more detail: http://clinical.Diabetesjournals.Org/content/25/3/90.Full.

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What would glucose levels be like in a non-diabetic patient having chronic renal failure?

Normal. If a patient is not diabetic there blood sugar should be in the normal range. Even in if in chronic renal failure. If running high may be due to certain medications which might be used to treat some other condition. Read more...
Blood Glucose Levels. Given that there is nothing else going on with the patient, the blood glucose level should be normal. Read more...