Are braces required after surgery for the impacted tooth?

Braces. Yes. Even if the tooth erupts, it probably will not come out correctly aligned and this could affect the bite.
Which tooth. Most commonly impacted tooth is wisdom tooth, and this problem is treated with oral surgery. Any other impacted tooth usually requires a combination of braces and localized surgery to make room for the impacted tooth, placement a handle on the tooth, and bringing the tooth into optimum alignment/function. See a qualified Orthodontic Specialist for advice (initial exam usually free or low cost).
Not usually. . Depends where the impacted tooth is. If it is a wisdom tooth, no braces are necessary.

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Can you tell me about how long will I need to have braces for after surgery for an impacted tooth?

Apples/oranges. 2 different issues. See an orthodontic specialist for evaluation of your individual malocclusion. The orthodontist can then give you approximate treatment time. Allow at least 2 weeks healing time after wisdom teeth removal before placing braces. Read more...
Irrelevant. There is no scientific proof that wisdom teeth cause crowding. If you have been thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment (braces) the first step is scheduling an orthodontic consultation. Your wisdom teeth surgery is irrelevant. Hope it helps. Read more...