What is irritable bowel syndrome and gastritis?

Two different things. Irritable bowel is abdominal pain and altered bowel habits (diarrhea or constipation) without any distinct medical pathology. It can be treated with fiber supplements, peppermint oil, and other treatments. Gastritis is inflammation of the stomach specifically, and the specific treatment is determined by the specific cause. What they have in common is that they are both a belly ache.
Multifactorial cause. Irritable bowel syndrome is the multifactorial consequence of hormonal, immune system and nervous system dysfunction resulting from genetic predispositions and dietary and environmental insults. The predominant symptoms like diarrhea cramps constipation are the result of autonomic nervous system instability. Pts like you may benefit from a metabolically directed approach check out mdwellnessmd.Com.

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What is the relationship between irritable bowel syndrome and gastritus?

Abdominal pain. I assume you mead gastritis. Gastritis is usually confine to a one time isolated episode resulting in abdominal pain and or diarrhea. Ibs is an ongoing condition of pain gas, discomfort with diarrhea and or constipation. Read more...

Help docs, is irritable bowel syndrome extremely painful?

Not Severe. Irritable bowel syndrome often causes cramps and diarrhea alternating with constipation. The cramps can be painful but they are usually not really really painful and they are usually relieved by a bowel movement. If the pain is really severe or does not go away you should see your doctor. Read more...