Does human growth hormone help patients with diabetes?

Increases sugar. Human gh is diabetogenic, ie it increases the blood sugar. Could it increase body growth? I am sure it could but the big picture is important. How much is the benefit versus the risk?
Maybe yes. It has been known that pts w/ pituitary insufficiency (congenital low hgh) have a low incidence of diabetes. But they are not insulated from diabetic retinopathy (damage to retina) in diabetes ii. There may a place for HGH in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy. See neat paper showing improvement in angiogenesis with hgh. Insulin-like growth factor I plasmid therapy promotes in vivo angiogenes.
No. Hgh is diabetogenic. We screen patients on growth hormone yearly for diabetes. It is vital in preventing hypoglycemia infants. In patients with diabetes going through adolescence, blood sugars increase in large part because of increased growth hormone production. Teens with diabetes usually need large increases in Insulin doses to better control high blood sugars.

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Does human growth hormone help or hurt type 2 diabetes?

It increases sugar. Gh does increase your sugar levels so that will worsen diabetes.

Will shots of human growth hormone help me build muscle fast?

Not approved. Growth hormone is an anabolic substance, meaning it promotes the production of protein. It is not approved for such purposes, but athletes having using it as a performance enhancer and to quiken recovery of injured muscle. There are no scientific studies verifying this since it is not approved for such. Beware of going against nature's design, she will ask for payback.
Doping. Growth hormone does promote growth of lean body mass. However, gh can have terrible side effects when taken inappropriately: acromegaly, diabetes, raised intracranial pressure, very possibly higher risk for malignancy because gh may stimulate growth of cells with cancer potential. Not safe at all for someone who wants to add muscle and has no physiologic need for additional growth hormone.

Will human growth hormone help me grow taller?

No. Once your growth centers are fused (closed) growth hormone cannot make you grow. When you have growth hormone deficiency giving you growth hormone will get you to your genetic expections for growth but not taller than what you were meat to be.

Somatrope 191aa human growth hormone help to reduce weight?

WEIGHT LOSS. It helps in lossing weight. They inject a small amount of chorionic gonadothropin daily. Mechanism?
No go. They have done at least one randomized clinical trial on HCG for weight loss every 5-10 years since the 1950's. Every one has shown no benefit over placebo. It has no proven benefit over a sugar water injection.

Will HGH (human growth hormone) help me in getting taller?

Unlikely to happen. Your profile lists your age as 46. Anyone who went through puberty and had their bone growth centers close normally will never grow taller with hgh.

Can humatrope (human growth hormone) help with underarm hair growth?

Indirectly, maybe. When prepubertal children are placed on hgh for gh deficiency, their bodies go towards getting back on track with respect to growth. As they catch up and go through puberty underarm hair eventually grows in. Gh will not directly cause sexual maturation.

Dose humatrope (human growth hormone) help with underarm hair growth?

No. Lack of or very limited amounts of underarm and pubic hair growth often is part of delayed puberty development, or secondary sex characteristics. Treatment of this involves various types of another hormonal group, known as androgens; these will increase underarm (axillary) growth.