What is recommended to eat if you have medullary sponge kidney disease?

See below. Medullary sponge kidney is a risk factor for kidney stone formation. There may be certain chemical abnormalities in the urine which allow formation of kidney stones. Your doctor can run certain tests on the basis of which suggest changes in fluid intake, diet and maybe some medications to prevent stones from forming.
Lemonade. Lemonade helps to keep calcium from forming crystals 2 glasses per day is a good start.

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I have medullary sponge kidney and previous kidney stones/infection/surgery on left side. Currently I have at least two 8 mm stones, is it safe ignore?

See answer. Medullary sponge kidney is a common risk factor for kidney stones. That said, there is often an underlying metabolic problem contributing to stone formation and a 24-hour urine collection loking for such abnormalities is definitely recommended. Prevention is one goal, and eliminating any existing stone burden (especially >3-4mm) should be the other goal. Would recommend eswl for stone (s).

Can you tell me the main symptoms of medullary sponge kidney?

None. Most folks with medullary sponge kidney have no symptoms. However, they are susceptible to kidney stones which can cause lots of problems esp. Pain.
Asymptomatic. Most patients with MSK do not have any symptoms and are usually found incidentally on abdominal imaging studies. When they do present with symptoms, many present with kidney stones, blood in urine and urinary tract infections.

What are follow up tests &/or treatments after medullary sponge kidney diagnosis?

Good fluid intake. Medullary sponge kidneys are generally benign, although there is an increased risk of kidney stones. You should maintain a good water intake of at least 2 quarts per day. Also worthwhile trying to keep your urine slightly acidic with a ph<7.0. This can be achieved by judicious intake of potassium citrate, best monitored initially by a physician. Also periodic kidney ultrasounds to r/o stones.

I am 62 yr old woman who has medullary sponge kidney. Visited er. Found kidney stones on both sides. Please advise on diet, supplements, & treatments.

Difficult. Your physician will advise you on specifics depending on what kind of stone has formed. It is near-certain that you'll be advised strongly to drink as much water as is feasible. Hopefully this will prevent you from having to limit the vitamin d that is benefiting your skeleton. This is a fairly common kidney problem; you didn't cause it and probably you can learn to manage it.
Many ways to prevent. Medullary sponge kidney is usually not serious but does increase risk of kidney stones. Fortunately supplements can dramatically reduce the incidence of kidney stones, esp. Magnesium and vitamins d, k2 and a (taken together). Drinking more water, avoiding fructose and excess salt helps too- see http://chriskresser. Com/how-to-prevent-kidney-stones-naturally for a good article on this.

I have sponge kidney and I have a fever and my baxk & stomach are killing me its hard to breathe what should I do?

Medullary sponge kid. Medullary sponge kidney predisposes to stasis of urine, urinary tract infection and kidney stones. So check your self for infection first, then if no improvement or if your pain is severe you need to have a renal ultrasound, and if negative and pain is severe you might need a CT scan. I highly recommend you to drink at least 4 liters of water troughout the day as a start.
UTI, pyelonephritis. It's highly possible that you have UTI. You need to have a urine test and culture first and start antibiotics right after. See your doc or go to ER. Drink liquid like cranberry juice meanwhile.

Can sponge kidney kill u?

Not usually. Medullary sponge kidney is associated with hematuria, stones and calcinosis. Sometimes accompanied by metabolic acidosis. There is no specific treatment and is frequently not associated with loss of renal function. It can be found with chronic kidney disease. It is not considered a fatal condition.