What is non-ablative laser skin resurfacing?

Does not remove skin. Ablation refers to removing layers of the skin with a laser. Non-ablative lasers do not do this and are hence associated with less recovery time. Depending on the laser, they target pigmentation, vessels or water. This interaction of light with the tissue generates heat and promotes new collagen growth. These lasers are more popular because of the shorter recovery period.
Light laser. Non ablative laser is another name for lasers that don't take of the entire top laser of the skin such ablative laser examples are co2 or erbium yag laser. Non ablative lasers are fractional or radio frequency lasers. They can help reduce wrinkles and improve sundamgae with less downtime than ablative lasers but require more treatments.
Fractional Laser. Ablative laser resurfacing typically refers to removing a whole layer of skin with a laser. Fractional technology allows treatment of a "fraction" of the skin surface by burning small dots leaving healthy tissue in between the dots. This technique delivers similar results with much less risk and down time.

Related Questions

How do I choose between laser skin resurfacing and dermabrasion?

Safety first.. Without seeing your skin, it's difficult to advise the preferred method. Here are some general tips: dermabrasion is very user dependent since the skill of the provider makes the largest difference in outcome. Lasers are more predictable but come in a wide variety of options. Your treatment should include a discussion of risks so you are informed to make an educated decision for you. Good luck.
Ask a specialist. Dermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing are both ways to rejuvenate the facial skin. They each have advantages and disadvantages. You should consult with a specialist who has extensive experience with facial skin rejuvenation. As there are many different lasers, only specialist can advise you as to what is best for your needs and your skin.

What are the chances of laser skin resurfacing scarring my face?

Minimal. With "non-invasive" laser options the risk is almost zero. With more invasive lasers (carbon dioxide lasers) the risks increase but are certainly not more than 1 or 2%.

Does laser skin resurfacing cause skin discoloration on black skin?

Maybe. Dark skin people have a higher likelihood of pigmentary changes after skin treatments. There are very good lasers and skin products today that can help avoid this unwanted problem. Ask your board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation.
It can! Be very careful with lasers on dark skin. See someone with a lot of experience.

How painful is laser skin resurfacing? I have not heard much about laser skin resurfacing by it sounds painful. Is it? .

2 ttypes of laser. Depending on your skin color, texture, pigmentation & wrinkles, there are different laser options. A non-ablative fractionated laser like the fraxel re:store or dual has no downtime, but requires multiple treatments. It has little pain and only topical numbing cream. A fractionated co2 laser is more aggressive with a week downtime & may give faster results, but numbing block injections needed.

How painful is laser skin resurfacing? I have not heard much about laser skin resurfacing by it sounds painful. Is it? .

No, if done correct. Using new modalities, healing times, discomfort, and results can all be optimized. Fractionated lasers, post peel skin treatment with prp (platelet rich plasma), ointments with growth factors, all have contributed to dramatic differences in results and ease of treatment. Risk factors have been reduced and cost of treatments have become reasonable. Beautiful skin is now obtainable for everyone.

Will laser skin resurfacing erase damage from rosacea? My rosacea caused some holes in my skin that really bother me. Is it possible that.

Pulsed Dye Laser. Pulsed dye laser is an excellent choice for the treatment of facial rosacea. The treatment is very effective and is not painful. It has very little downtime and is done in the office. This should be combined with sun protection. In my opinion, the syneron/candela v-beam perfecta laser is the best pdl. This laser also provides improvement in pore size, wrinkles and some pigment.