What are some dangers of cellulite removal?

Very safe. Most treatments for cellulite are very safe but just not extremely effective. The most effective treatments are noninvasive lasers or body contouring devices which help to improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, tighten the skin and ideally have some effect on the underlying fat. There are some "fat melting" devices which are not fda approved or available in the U.S. Yet but show much promise.
Cellulite treatment. Cellulite is caused by bands under the skin. Cellulaze is a surgical laser that treats cellulite under the skin by breaking the bands, melting the fat, and can also provide some skin tightening. Risks are bruising, swelling, & temporary numbness. You can start seeing results as early as a few months. See for more info: http://www.Spsboca.Com/cellulaze-cellulite-removal.Html.