What can people with vitiligo do to even out skin pigmentation?

Dermatologists. Dermatologists would provide several options: using Protopic ointment, uva-uvb treatment and skin graft.
Vitiligo. See a dermatologist. Phototherapy, topical medications, occasionally tattooing of the skin, uv therapy. There are a lot of options, you just need to discuss and find the best alternatives for you. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/pmh0001280/.

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My son has vitiligo skin pigmentation, he got a big white spot on his hest, and he is swimming alot, but now there is brown small spot in that area?

Vitiligo? . Possibly not vitiligo but rather tinea versicolor, a chronic, low-grade fungal infection of the skin that presents as well-delineated patches that may have a fine scale; can be white or tan. Chlorine in pool water might temporarily resolve some of the fungus & allow the skin to tan. Fp can check diagnosis with skin scraping for fungus &/or black light (causes fungus to fluoresce yellow-green color. Read more...