How do you get rid of skin discoloring due to holding and smoking cigarettes?

Smoking stains. Continued smoking cessation remains the best way to get rid of skin discoloration from smoking cigarettes, as well as improving your overall health. Skin discoloration should fade over time with avoidance of the culprit (cigarettes), as the stained skin sloughs off naturally. Avoid use of harsh solvents in attempts to remove stains, as these can irritate & damage the skin.
Dunno. Sometimes skin is essentially permanently discolored in very heavy smokers, but most of the time it gradually decreases on its own. Vitamin e creams are often use to lighten skin, and there are other commercially available products, and dermatologists have prescription creams/ointments that may help. I would just give it time, congrats on quitting and hope you stay that way.

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Acne keeps coming and going and it's coming bad what causes it?, can stress cause it? Or smoking cigarettes? Does the sun help get rid of it?

Acne. Not taking care of your self is never healthy but acne is from hormones, bacteria and an impaired ability to exfoliate. Sun won't help you need to see your doctor for this or start with over the counter acne treatment . Read more...

How to get rid of a sore throat at home? And can smoking cigarettes daily (6-12) for a month cause it or leaving the ac on all night?

Can stop smoking. There is never a need to smoke anything, other than smoking baby-back ribs (those are yummy). Just be strong and quit... and never go near the stuff again. One may have to avoid hanging around smokers (that's just a sacrifice one can make for a better life). One's primary care doctor can examine the throat to see if strep bacteria might be causing the pain, and also can help with quitting smoking. Read more...