Are you required to go to a pediatric if you are under 18?

Peds or FP. Either a pediatrician or a family practitioner would be good choices.
No. Pediatricians are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases that occur in infants, children, teens and early 20s, but there are no requirements that you see a pediatrician. Family practitioners have general training in the care of infants through the elderly. Internists care for adults.The most important thing is that you find a dr you're comfortable with.
No, but you need a . Primary care provider: family medicine doctor, pediatrician or pediatric nurse practitioner. Developmental surveilllance should be part of " well-child checks, " with autism-specific screening at 18 & 24 mos. At 18 years, you sign your own hipaa & insurance forms & your doctor can't share any information with your parents without your written permission, unless they're your legal guardians.
Definitely. The scope of pediatrics is really from birth to age 21.Pediatricians are trained to go over growth and development , age and stages of development, gross motor, fine motor, communication.Personal , social skills and problem solving. They see the child as a whole emotionally, psychologically, socially and not treat them as miniature adults because they are not.