What are the differences between dermatitis and eczema?

All ecxema is a . Dermatitis, not all dermatitis is eczema. This is a wording issue. Eczema is just type of problem that involves the skin. A dermatitis is a broad word that includes anything that causes disruption of the healthy skin.
Interchangable. The difference between dermatitis and eczema is more or less academic. Dermatitis emphasizes "inflammation" which only reveals in pathological tissue exam. Eczema is a clinical term without referring to pathological finding. Classically, eczema involves seven features: erythema/redness, oozing/blistering, scaliness/flaking, crusting/cracking/dryness, swelling, itching and bleeding.

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Suffering from dermatitis and eczema; ideas for home remedies?

Management. The treatment really depends on the underlying cause and condition. For dry skin, a perfume free moisturizer, white dove soap help to soothe the skin. In addition, local application of cortisone lotion to the worse areas is advised. If the condition worsens, I would recommend a follow up appoihtment. Read more...

Why did my seborreic dermatitis and eczema get so much better after I cut out chicken from my diet?

Immune response. You were probably having some sort of immune response to something in the chicken. There are some doctors that do testing for food intolerances like this. It is great that you found the solution on your own. Read more...

How can you tell between seborrheic dermatitis and eczema? Pictures online make me believe it's one or the other. Effected - r. eyelid/r. behind ear.

The two. disease are "similar": but have very DIFFERENT causes and LOCATIONS all of which allow the trained DERMATOLOGIST to distinguish the two. The "appearance" "ONLINE" is NOT helpful in making that diagnosis!!!! Ask your PCP for a referral!!! Hope this helps! Dr Z. Read more...