How long does it take rheumatoid vasculitis skin ulcers to develop?

Seemingly overnight. Skin breakdown from auto immune problems like vasculitis can appear very rapidly. It starts with congestion in the capillaries that nourish the skin and then not enough blood supply is available to keep the skin together and an ulcer occurs. The treatment of the ulcer is most effective when there is effective treatment of the vasculitis.
Varies. Not everyone with rheumatoid arthritis develops skin ulcerations. So you could ave rheumatoid arthritis for years and never develop an u, cer.

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Could rheumatoid vasculitis affect breast tissue?

It is possible! There are twelve documented cases in the literature. But it requires biopsy confirmation. Breast pain can occur in RA for many reasons, including chest wall inflammation! Read more...

Can rheumatoid vasculitis affect the tissue of the breast?

Incredibly rare. Some types of tissue breakdown look like vasculitis such as tissue necrosis related to hypercoagulable state induced by circulating anticoagulants or related to coumadin (warfarin). This is a very tricky problem and if true needs a sophisticated coagulation workup including lupus anticoagulant, russell viper venom test, protein c, s, leiden factor 5 and additinal tests. See the doc!if breast is abnormal. Read more...

What is rheumatoid vasculitis?

Blood vetssel inflam. Blood vessel inflammation, usually associated with cryoglobulins. If you have this, you need complement studies, c2, c4, c3 and measurement of cryoglobulins. Read more...