Can skin tags be dangerous?

No. Skin tags are small 'natural' benign growths appear in skin folds like neck, armpits(axillae), under-breasts and groin. Harmless.
No. Skin tags are benign, noncancerous growths that typically grow in folds of the body (neck, underarm, groin, under the breast). They are not dangerous but can get rubbed and irritated. If you are concerned about a growth on your body, you should see a dermatologist to make sure it is indeed a skin tag. Sometimes other growths such as skin cancer can look like skin tags.

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Can skin tags on vagina turn dangerous?

Skin tags. Skin tags are benign growths of the skin that can be found anywhere on the body. They are frequently found in skin folds and around the eyes. They can be traumatized if folded over for long periods of time or if the are pulled, but they do not become cancerous. A doctor can confirm the diagnosis to be certain it is not something else. Read more...
Typically not . But if associated with hpv, there may an increased risk of cervical carcinoma and routine gyne examinations with pap smears should be co ducted on a regular basis. If a rage changes or bleeds, it may be recommended to perform a biopsy to, establish a definitive diagnosis. Read more...