How can you treat a sebaceous cyst or skin trauma in the vaginal area?

= Bartholin's cyst. This may be a lesion called a bartholin's cyst which should be treated by your gynecologist. It could also be another lesion such as a mucous cyst or other entity.
Have it examined. Lots of things cause cysts. A true sebaceous cyst usually needs excision. Have it examined. Warm compresses help every 2-4 hours. Sitz baths (fill tub with warm water and soak) will help. Skin trauma is different. Can be caused by sex, tampons or infection. If its from sex, use a lubricant during intercourse to keep from drying out. But, really, get it looked at.

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Noticed a small boil/cyst type bump on my upper vaginal doesn't hurt or itch same color as skin and I also have a sebaceous cyst on face help please.?

Difficult to tell. It is not easy to determine what this lesion could be. A more detailed examination is indicated. The cyst of the face will likely require excision.
Vaginal cyst. Dear chinchilla56586: you should be evaluated by your obgyn for your vaginal cyst asap and should see a plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist for your face.