Is it normal for me to lose weight during pregnancy if I was overweight before I was pregnant?

CanHappen,GetChecked. Especially during 1st tri. Could be you are unable to keep food down due to nausea. Also, your body is supporting growth of a baby, which requires more energy than u commonly use, resulting in weight loss. Also, HCG (pregnancy hormone) can cause some weight loss. So long as the baby is growing/gaining weight & you are healthy should be ok. Most important: check w OB about health of you & baby.
Yes. It is not abnormal at all for you to lose weight if you started your pregnancy being overweight. Just because you are losing weight does not mean that the baby is not growing. Your baby will gain the majority of his or her weight from 28 weeks until delivery so i encourage overweight women to stay as fit and healthy as possible during pregnancy to help you have a safe and happy delivery!