How can you get rid of blotchy, red skin?

Hydrocortisone. For a mild problem use Hydrocortisone cream. If however it persists, then see a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis and prescription treatments or self care instructions.
It depends on the ca. It depends on the cause. Please see a dermatologist.

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I have dry and red skin from irritation I wanted to know what I could do to get rid of the redness but something that wont cause acne?

Details needed. Many products are labeled "non comedogenic" to indicate that at least they considered a possible relationship to acne. A dermatologist can evaluate and help you. Wash with Dove skin cleanser, then apply a liberal amount of a ceramide cream. Eucerin Eczema, Aveeno (oatmeal) Eczema, CeraVe, and generics are easy to find.

I have many pores & looking red skin, as well as smothless, how can I get rid of holes from my face.

Large pores. You can decrease the appearance of large pores by exfoliating your skin three times a week. A more aggresive way to decrease pore size is with laser treatment. Red toned skin can be a sign of Rosacea, which can be treated with medication, gels, or laser.

What do I ask my DR. If I want to get rid of scaring on the face & also I think pigmentation, and or red skin?

Combination treatmen. There are many treatments for what you are seeking. A combination of laser, intense pulsed light, chemical peels and the right skin products will make a great improvement on your skin. These treatments are performed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Find someone near you with a good reputation and who owns their lasers.

How to get rid of irritated dry red skin ASAP? It just started this wk. I wear mascara & foundation only & this nvr happened b4. Skin hurts! Home reme

Red skin. It sounds like you are saying the dry red skin is around your eyes since you mention mascara. Not sure. If it just started this week, then I'd consider what changed. It could be a reaction to an ingredient in your mascara or foundation.

Why do I have red skin and some tiny bumps on my underarm? How do I get rid of it?

Likely Irritation. Red skin (erythema) and bumps sounds like irritation. It could be from shaving, anti-perspirant, or chaffing. Hold off from applying anything irritating to the area for a week. If it doesn't improve, see a doctor. Fyi, other less common causes for something like this are inverse psoriasis, hailey-hailey disease, axillary granular parakeratosis and fox-fordyce disease.

How to get rid of red skin - no rash, no blister, no pain...Just red in corners of lips that I have always had?

Cheilitis. This sounds like angular cheilitis, and may be related to chronic saliva collection, vitamin b deficiency or specific pathogen (bacteria or fungal) see an md soon to fully diagnose. Good luck!