How is metabolic syndrome treated?

Several ways! A cluster of diseases in the making!however...Metabolic syndrome was called syndrome x: four facets-1. Torso obesity, 2.High blood pressure, 3.Poor cholesterol to HDL ratio, and 4.Tendency toward type 2 diabetes. The cause is Insulin resistance, and all treatments should focus on the cause. Metformin and low carbohydrate diets are indicated for most people with the problem of metabolic syndrome.
Diet and Exercise. Life style changes 1Eat a healthy diet,low in carbs,low in salt.low in trans fats,High in fruite,veggies and lean protein,beans,whole grains and low fat diarySome recommend Dash diet 2Loose weight if you are over weight or obese 3Exercise like walking and gym,bicycling,and others 4If you smoke QUIT 5Talk to your doctor if you need meds for High BP,hIGH Cholesterl,Aspirin and Metformin.
Low carb diet. Eat only meat or fish or cheese or eggs or poultry and low starch veggies, drink only water. In other words avoid all carbs, carbs will raise your sugar levels and then your Insulin levels. The fats in the meat or fish or cheese or eggs or poultry will act like a "log on your metabolic fire" to keep your blood sugar stable for hours without raising insulin.